OUTRAGEOUS!! God not allowed at Veteran's Funerals?

I wasn't gonna blog much this summer, but I'm still going to post stuff I think needs to be read and acted upon.


Call Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio at 281-447-8686 (extension 206) and tell her this will not be tolerated.

In addition, please call the VA in Houston and Washington DC, along with your local Congressman. The phone numbers are listed below:

Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Houston Office) 713-383-1999
Dept. of Veterans Affairs (DC Office) 202-373-5400
Sheila Jackson Lee (Houston Office) 713-655-0050 (DC Office) 202-225-3816
Ted Poe (Kingwood Office) 281-446-0242 (DC Office) 202-225-6565
Michael McCaul (Katy Office) 281-398-1247 (DC Office) 202-225-2401
Kevin Brady (Conroe Office) 936-441-5700 (DC Office) 202-225-4901
Al Green (Houston Office) 713-383-9234 (DC Office) 202-225-7508
Gene Green (Baytown Office) 281-420-0502 (DC Office) 202-225-1688

Callers, below is a sample script, since listeners often ask us to make it as easy as possible. Remember to be polite, but firm. Demand a response.

Congressman/Senator ___, I am a veteran of [your branch]. I served in [conflict or country]. What is happening at the Houston VA has to change. Will [elected official] make a call right now to change it? I want an answer.

If you’re not a veteran, but a family member, state that. If you are neither, simply state your anger over this and demand a response.

Don't just write! You must call as well

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